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Sodra company Crna Gora

ZAO Sodra company built many buildings in Moscow  between 1995 and 2004 with turnkey system. We have also done different reconstructions and reparations on the high-rise buildings.

Biggest and most important projects in Moscow 

  • Five elite villas in Moscow- Nikolina gora,total 3.800 m2 – turnkey system.
  • Hospital New Houston,Moscow,Predjelkino,construction of an annex , total 2.500m2.
  • Academy of Civil Protection , Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia,city of Novogradsk total 124.000m2. Construction of an annex, building of an another storey and reconstruction.
  • Administrative-commercial building of Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia, total 3.500m2, adaptation, interior design and equipping.
  • Administrative-educational technical centre of Ministry for Emergency situations of Russia, Centarospas, Zhukovsky, total 8.600mAnnex, interior design and equipping.Building has 8 floors with arranged terrain and auxiliary buildings, total 10.200m2.
  • Reconstruction and completion of underground fecal reservoir and supporting  bunkers, Moscow,Slobode street. Construction and park arrangement. Volumen of reservoir 12.800m3.
  • Administrative building of Video international, commercial publishing company, Moscow. Reconstruction and adaptation, total 5500m2.
  • Two elite villas with auxiliary buildings in Novogorsk, total 4.500m2- turnkey system.
  • Many buildings such as offices, restaurants, residential houses etc.
  • Three branch offices  of Sberbank in Moscow, adaptation, interiour design and equipping.Total 1.900m2, Orshanskaya str, Gilyarovsky street and Prospekt Mira.

References in Montenegro

  • Commercial – residential complex Sveta Vraca, Kotor.
  • Defining the project idea of all complex,Total surface 24000m2.
  • Major project and construction of the first phasis of complex, terrain arrangement and infrastructure (underground and aboveground garages, roads…) total 6000m2.
  • Commercial-residental building f13 Topolica, Bar, total surface 5.450m2 with terrain arrangement. Investor Cirus invest  ltd, Russian-Montenegrin company.
  • Residential building Gorica, Podgorica, total surface 760m2 with terrain arrangement, parking, railing and access control. Investor and builder Sodra company ltd.
  • Defining the project idea of townhouse village in Orahovac, Kotor Construction of two  commercial-residential buildings in Bar, total 17.460m2.

We are preparing a couple of projects at the Montenegrin coast and Podgorica.

Sodra Company Crna Gora
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Sodra Company Crna Gora